COVID-19 Safety

An update from Lock 15 Brewing Co.

Lock 15 Brewing Co. understands the concerns of its guests and is dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for people to begin to receive patrons in its doors again. The following steps will be taken for the safety of our staff and guests:

• We have added sanitizing stations by every door and have several more throughout the dining room.
• All Tables will be placed 6 feet apart inside and outside.
• All tables and chairs will be sanitized with a single use sanitizing cloth after each use and at the beginning and end of each shift.
• We will seat no more than 6 guests at a single table. (this is less than the mandated 10 however we feel that given the space limitations we can more effectively maintain distancing by limiting groups to 6. We will accept reservations for parties of more than 6 but groups will be split to separate tables.)
• Restrooms will be sanitized every hour. Sanitizing wipes will be available for our guests in the restrooms as well.
• All waitstaff will be required to wear masks while on the dining room floor and/or when they are with 6 feet of guests or other workers.
• Hand washing stations are available at 2 places in the dining room. All staff are required to wash hands regularly.
• Kitchen staff will NOT be required to wear masks while on the cook-line. This is only due to the safety hazard that exists from wearing masks over open flame. All mandatory health and safety standards have and will continue to be met or exceeded by all of our staff.
• Every staff member will have their temperature taken by management before entering the building. These temps will all be logged, and the records saved.
• We encourage all of our guests to take precautions to ensure the safety of others while on the premises. We understand that eating and drinking is much harder while wearing a mask so we will not require masks to be worn by guests, however we encourage all of our guests to limit time away from the table and to wear masks while not eating or drinking.
• We encourage all of our guests to make reservations. Patio seating will remain first come first serve. Those requests can be made upon your arrival. In order to ensure that our entry area remains clear, we may request that people wait outside or in their cars and we will text when tables are available.
• All condiments will be served in single use packets. Disposable flatware and cups will be made available upon request. (All of our dishware is put through an industrial dish machine equipped with a booster heater and is current with the highest standards of sanitation.)
• We understand that some will continue to stay at home for a while. We will continue to provide carryout service for the foreseeable future.
• We will remain up to date with the standards and guidelines set by the state and will make adjustments to our program as required or permitted.

Thank You to all of our guests for your support during these troubling times. We would not be able to keep our doors open if it were not for the continued support of all of our family, friends, and guests. We are all excited to return to some sense normalcy and understand and accept the responsibility of making Lock 15 Brewing Co. a safe destination that continues to provide an outstanding hospitality experience for everyone that comes through our doors.