Cascade Locks Pale Ale

The Recipe for Cascade Locks Pale Ale pre-dates our decision to settle along this part of the canal and it is a happy accident that Cascade Hops make up a good percentage of the hop bill for this American Pale Ale. Rounded out with Simcoe Hops, this Pale Ale’s strong citrus notes and slightly bitter finish leave you with an Ale that is as refreshing as it is to take a moment and appreciate our rich Akron History.

  • year round beer
  • Type: American Pale Ale
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 52
  • SRM: 8.1
  • Awards: Silver Medal @ 2020 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup


The Cascade Locks were built between 1826 and 1827 and remain one of the main reasons that Akron became a city to begin with. The Cascade Locks provided water power for many mills and industrial businesses along the canal. Between the hydro power and the fact that it took up to 5 hours to traverse the Cascade Locks, commerce became plentiful. Soon, more and more people settled in what is now North Akron. The Cascade Locks are constructed of huge blocks of sandstone. All the locks are 15 feet across and up to 90 feet long.