Blue wave lines
Blue wave lines

Locktender Series - Squad Car Quad

The Locktender Series – Squad Car Quad is a Belgian Quadrupel ale conditioned on rum soaked white French oak chips and aged for 4 months. This strong and rich Quadrupel has notes of plum, raisin, apricot, vanilla, and caramel from the first to the last sip. Purchase here!

  • seasonal beer
  • Type: Belgian-style Quadrupel
  • ABV: 14.7%
  • IBU: 28
  • SRM: 14


Akron was home to the first motorized police squad car in the country in 1899. This all-electric “paddywaggon” was manufactured by Collins Buggy Co. for $2,400 and had seating capacity for 12 prisoners. Just one year later, this squad car was pushed into the canal during a riot. It was later recovered by the Akron police and used for five more years until its retirement.