Blue wave lines
Blue wave lines

Mutton Hill Hefe

The Mutton Hill Hefeweizen carries classic Bavarian notes of banana and clove. The smoothness of the wheat gives the beer its natural creaminess and full mouthfeel, with a slightly surprising finish.

  • year round beer
  • Type: German Hefeweizen – Ale
  • ABV: 5.1%
  • IBU: 16
  • SRM: 3.8


General Simon Perkins was one of the founders of Akron in 1825. A Brigadier General in the war of 1812, Perkins became one of the largest land owners in the state of Ohio. In 1815 he purchased 1,298 acres in what we know now as Downtown Akron. Perkins built a huge Stone Mansion on the western end of his property on top of a large hill that overlooked his land. This mansion became known for the more than 1500 sheep that were raised there. Often, they were tended to by none other than the abolitionist John Brown. The Mansion and its land became known to the locals as Mutton Hill.