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Akron Cereal Beer

Akron Cereal Beer has more boxes of Golden Grahams in it than you can count! This breakfast ale, with notes of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon, is smooth and delicious. It’s like the adult version of drinking the milk after finishing cereal while watching cartoons on a lazy Saturday morning.

  • seasonal beer
  • Type: Breakfast Ale
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • IBU: 3
  • SRM: 4.5


Akron is the birthplace of breakfast cereal. In the 1850’s, F. Schumacher founded the German Mills American Oatmeal Company. In 1888, he reduced competition by merging seven local milling companies to form American Cereal Company. Schumacher, AKA the Oatmeal King, became the president of this new company until it merged with the Quaker Oats company in 1901.