Blue wave lines
Blue wave lines

New Akron IPA

The New Akron IPA is the next stage of IPA evolution. It has haze and bitterness. The body of this IPA is slightly dry and malty but the full grapefruit and citrus flavors of Cascade and Comet hops are center and front due to the use of a new dry hopping procedure – dip hop!

  • year round beer
  • Type: New American IPA
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBU: 59
  • SRM: 5.3


This beer is named after the ideas of forward thinking Akron developer and owner of BLU Jazz+ Tony Troppe who specializes in the reuse of historic buildings. Tony is continually working to bring Akron into a prosperous future by making the old new again. Lock 15 Brewing is located in the old Swinehart Tire factory that he saved from demolition. Like Tony says, “Those with (k)NOHO(w) will live at NOHO.”